I tried buying eriacta online after I realized that Viagra was kinda expensive in my local pharmacy, and I was really surprised to see there was not really any difference in their effect. They were both a bit slow to start working, took about an hour every time, but their effect was really long for me, and I could have a lot of sex during that time.



James K.

I buy eriacta 100 sildenafil citrate every month in an online pharmacy here in Canada. I know it’s a generic drug and not all of them can be trusted, but my impression of eriacta ha been only positive until now. I don’t have many side effects, except for a bit of headache in the first couple of days. It works very well for me, and I am happy I actually found it online.



Mark Anthony

I have not tried many generic pills, but I decided I should stick to sildenafil after I tried Cialis for some time and had bad stomach problems after it. I tied eriacta because it was cheaper, and there is a lot of generic eriacta from india that they sell here in the UK. I have a hard on for hours, and I am 54, so I couldn’t be happier.



Ben Wader

I have an online pharmacy that delivers my pills to me in Chicago, and they sent me a sample of eriacta to try it. I had a headache too, like many other users here said, but nothing too serious and it was only the next day, sort of like a hangover. It passed quickly, though, and the erection was quite stable. I will try 100 milligrams next time when I buy eriacta online.




When I found out about eriacta 100 price from my doctor, I was shocked because it is so much cheaper than the brand drugs. I’ll admit I was not happy about the fact that it is produced in India, because I read so many bad reviews of generic erection drugs everywhere on medical forums. And I have had the issue for a while, so I know what I am saying. Eriacta did meet all my expectations, I had a long sexual act and did not cum right away, which I was dreading. This is one of my favourite meds now.



Jerrald S.

I just recently found out that I had problems with erection. I am 38, so you can imagine how I felt, being that young. My girlfriend did not know so I had to act quickly. I ordered eriacta 100 sildenafil citrate from this one website I found, and it turned out to be exactly what I needed. I ve always been really healthy, so I am not surprised I had no side effects, although I know many people get them. Eriacta is also much cheaper than other pills I can get delivered to my town in TX.



Lance Smith

Overall I am very satisfied with eriacta from india and its effect. I get a hard on approximately one hour after taking it, and I almost don’t have to do anything, just need to think of something arousing, and it’s enough. The erection also stays, I don’t lose it, but for this I need to take 100 mg, the whole pill that is. Definitely recommended.




I have been buying eriacta online for a couple of years, I don’t take it every day, just when I need to have sex, because I am really worried about the side effects and what it can do to you. I don’t really have any serious health issues, but still pills need to be taken carefully. I would say I like eriacta because it is mild and does its job pretty well, if you know what I mean.