generic sildenafil citrate proper doseSexual dysfunction happens as a consequence of many health and psychology-related issues, and in some cases, is not reversible. Viagra is the remedy that most people think of when they confront the problem. Luckily, there are many alternative options that have the same active chemical as a basis, which is Sildenafil. It has proven its efficiency through years of best practices, and it is available in most countries through any generic brand names, such as Eriacta.

Indications on how to use eriacta are no different than those for Viagra or any other Sildenafil-based pill. The drug bases its action on boosting more blood to reach the penis and creating vascular condition for the erection to occur. The action is purely mechanical and, unfortunately, cannot cure the underlying reasons that caused the lack of erection. That’s why, you will need to ingest a pill every time you want to have sexual contact with your partner. After a certain period of time, the effect will fade, and you will need to take a pill again.

For the above-mentioned reasons, it is crucial to choose the dosage of this drug that will be optimal for your organism. The choice of the amount of active ingredient that you need to take each time will depend on several factors, including:

  • how advanced your erectile issue is
  • what other related conditions you are experiencing
  • how well your liver and kidneys function
  • how well your body responds to this particular chemical component

Given these factors, the best choice is always to have the drug prescribed to you by a qualified physician. He will be able to choose the generic sildenafil citrate proper dose, and then you can choose for yourself which commercial drug you want it to be. But in case you are self-medicating and need to choose the right amount that you need, here are a few things that you ought to know.

sildenafil citrate maximum dose The sildenafil citrate maximum dose that can be ingested in the course of 24 hours is of 100 milligrams. But if you are not under any physician’s surveillance, start out with a much smaller dose of 50 milligrams, for this you can divide the pill in half and observe the effect. The first results will kick in after 40 minutes to an hour, but be aware that the result will only show itself with proper sexual stimuli, so you will need to engage in erotic activity.

After the effect is visible, it will be on for another 4 to 8 hours. The eriacta 100 dosage will have the same action duration, but may result in stronger and more prolonged erections. However, it is not recommended to start with the maximum dose since it produces heavier loads for the liver and heart. During these hours of effect, you will be able to climax and repeatedly gain an erection without the necessity to take anything else.

The first couple of times you try sildenafil can cause undesired effects, like elevated heart rate, gastrointestinal malfunctions, vertigos and headaches. These ought to fade after the first couple of times. If they do not stop appearing, seek emergency help that will treat your symptoms individually and stop ingesting the remedy. Read the information on adverse effects carefully before you start the intake of the pill.